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Project description

A screensaver which gives you a bible verse for each day together with a picture slide show. Currently developed in C#.


  • A new bible verse each day (pre-selected, not just random)
  • A slideshow of selected photos
  • Auto-update:
    • Download new bible verses from the web
    • Download new selected photos from the web
    • The software itself (perhaps)
Note that the auto-update features does not exist in the current release, but hopefully will in the new version I want to create.


Currently we have a version in these languages:
  • English
  • Norwegian
Although localizing the current screen saver is a bit of a hassle, I hope to make it easier in the new version =)

Release date

An updated version of the old screen saver I made for 2007 and 2008 is released with new images and bible verses for 2009. Use that until I manage to finish the new and improved version. If you have an internet connection, it should give you a message when I have the new one ready. You can find it here under Releases.

I really have no clue when the new one will be ready. I currently have a struggle with making various ends meet (timewise that is) and yeah... hopefully one day I will find the time to plow into this and finish it =)

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